Bad day

Hi everyone

I just need to say how I have felt today which is not good. I went out to do some shopping and was in agony with my legs and back. I have osteoarthritis in my left knee and now my right knee is hurting. I have a physio appointment at the hospital next week about my right knee. I lost interest in walking round the shop too long because of the pain I was in. When I got back in the car I cried. I hate this condition and feel it is robbing me of my life and am losing interest in going out. I want to do so much but the pain puts me off. I am feeling so depressed and low


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    Hi @catwoman

    Welcome to the online community, great you have found us and are posting and reaching out to others.

    I too have Osteoarthritis so understand what you are going through with pain and all that it entails.

    I am so sorry that at this moment you are feeling depressed and low,this forum is a great help as chatting to others makes you realize you are not the only one going through stuff and you also get support and encouragement from others that go through similar times as you.

    Here is a few links that may help

    Please let us know how you get on and do go onto our forums to chat to others it often helps.

    All the best Christine

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    So sorry about your pain, just awful. I was in terrible pain before my hip op., it was relentless. None now, after op.

    Have you has x-rays? If not, I'd insist on getting them done, then you'll know exactly what the problem is. I felt sick when I saw mine, my hip joint looked like an empty space!

    Take care.

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    Hi @catwoman so sorry to hear you are inso much pain. We all feel the same at times but you need to take control, have your problem fully assessed so you know exactly what you are dealing with. With your doctor put a plan in place either for pain management, physio or even surgery. You will feel much better if you are in control. Try to keep your spirits up and remember, one way or another things will get better. Take care.

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    @catwoman I hope the comments help. The depression is probably there as your system gets worn out by fatigue, and maybe what you really need is a break. Order your shopping by internet or something and redefine what it means to achieve something. Achievement is the toughest nut to crack.

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    Hi @catwoman

    I totally understand about your depression. I have two knackered hips and these have it me down more than anything else. I don't have a life anymore, I have four adorable grandchildren and this pain has stopped me in my tracks from doing all the lovely things with them I used to do - baking because I can't stand to do it, going to the park as I can't run around and play with them, dancing and so much more.

    However, I have tried to take all the little positives that I can still do - having manicures, sleepovers with grandchildren and their love and snuggles with them. I go on coach trips to places I've never been - I suffer afterwards with the coach journeys but exploring new places on my crutches does me the world of good. I've even treated myself to a spa session with a full body massage and facial. Yes, you can still have a good massage and enjoy it if you have an honest chat with your therapist first about your arthritis pain

    This doesn't always work but it does more often than not.

    So, instead of thinking about the negatives, think of the lovely things you can still do. You can do this...if I can, anyone can

    love n hugs

    Trish xx