Swelling in my wrist

Anyone out there experience swellin under forearm where you would have watch. I have o Authritis in my hands and have been doing alot of hand excersise last 2 days.noticeced last night. Read you can get swelling in any joint .newly diogenes as said previously I am 65 woman.i suffer from health anixity so I worry its somthing else. I know crazy. Xray said was o Authritis but bloods clear for rumitoied Authritis. Sorry to ramble on. Just dr only gp so best people to ask are those who have I was told. I have asked versus on phone very nice but they are not nurses who can give medical advice or reccomend things . Thanks people another restless night of worry 😟


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  • Ellen
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    Good morning @pp65 welcome to the online community.

    I see from your post that you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in your hands. Well done doing the hand/wrist exercises were they these ones?

    It's always good to help ourselves where we can.

    Health anxiety can really add to any health condition people have I do understand. Your GP presumably knows this and seems to have been thorough ruling out RA. Did they give you any pain relief I wonder? Many of our members swear by capsaicin which is prescription only.

    If you haven't already read it this might be of interest to you?

    Best wishes


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @pp65

    Nice to meet you. Sorry you are struggling with your hand and wrists.

    I presume you don't want to go to the Drs with the new swelling? Are you thinking you may have overdone your exercises? If so then I know if it was me I'd just ease back for a day or so.

    I have a friend with health anxiety so i know it can be awful. I suppose reassurance is that you were recently diagnosed with OA and bloods were taken at the time ruling out RA.

    Sending you my best and hope someone here has exactly the same as you unfortunately I don't have anything similar myself

    Take care

    Toni x

  • pp65
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    Thanks Toni. Been to see physio today sending me hand specialist.

    Although told O.A.by xray. He said because long line swelling appears on left ring finger in last 3 weeks not sure why. Other fingers Got O.A.he has sent letter to Dr to refer me. Meanwhile cold ice hand bath excersise and splints. But feel freaked out ad he did not classical OA on the ring finger. As ever thinking is it something sinister. I would post pictures if anyone had same .not sure how ..have to Wait appointment now

  • pp65
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    Anyone any idea why finger gone like this last 4 week. Bloods all normal. Soft swishy white lamp too help any one