TMJ DJD repositioning splint?

Hi, Im 33 and was recently diagnosed with OA in both my TMJs and have some questions.

Has anyone got a repositioning splint from a dentist or "specialist" He diagnosed me with DJD after a CT scan showed "incipient and active djd" He then gave me a Farar splint to shift my lower jaw forward.

I've used this for quite sometime about 5-6 months and while i have gotten some relief im not entirely sure its the splint that provides it. My concern is if I continue to use this will my bite change requiring braces or overbite. Reading up on any scientific research about it is a mixed bag and might not provide relief at all.

I also was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea which ive probably had for many years so thats my assumption of what caused my OA.

I've also seen some articles that the TMJ can stabilize and effectively be pain & degeneration free. I find it hard to see someone who can help me, idk where to turn to for help.


  • frogmorton
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    My dentist tried to sell me one of those too. I think he said I was grinding my teeth or gritting my mouth at night due to the pain in other joints. In the end I declined and instead started actively relaxing my jaw at night before bed. I remember taking anti-inflams before bed too for a few weeks to ensure I was as pain free as possible.

    Here are loads of discussions about TMJ some will be a way back of course but might be useful?

    We've also had a few people over the years who have had surgery on their jaws.

    Take care

    Toni x