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Hi,I am still waiting to see a consultant after 10 months for a official title as to what Arthritis I have got.All the holiday insurances companies won’t insure me or have put there price up high because they don’t know what type of Arthritis I have got and this makes going on holiday a troubling time instead of enjoyable ,has any one else experienced this problem and have any ideas that might help, thanks Bill


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    Unfortunately, you have that holday insurance nono - an undiagnosed condition. I can understand why they won't insure them but it is annoying if only short-lived. I once chanced it when I'd been referred to a gastro-enterologist after my iron levels had dropped, minimally. I insured for all except anaemia but realised later that, actually, one could tie anything into anaemia and I was lucky to get away with it.

    If you do end up being diagnosed with an inflammatory form of arthritis there's no problem getting insurance so I suggest you just wait, annoying athough it is.

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    Hi @turley and welcome to the online community,

    Obtaining travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition does seem to have become more complicated in recent years. There has been a recent discussion on this subject among our members that might be helpful:

    Additionally, here are a couple of links that might also be useful. The first is the Government supported website called Moneyhelper that publishes a list of companies who insure those with medical conditions, and the second is a similar list produced by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association:

    Best wishes,

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