I got diagnosed with inflamation arthritis at 63 I am 64 now, I was told a few weeks ago as I changed hospitals it's not Ankylosing spondylitis as no fusion or joint damage but I have lots of inflamation and chronic pain and a new skin infection on top can't spell the name.

i had two infusions last year of inflixmsb but caused lots of side effects blurry vision etc I do get lots of allergies and lots of antibiotics I can't take.

i was told today I need to take Adalimumab but not that keen with the horrible side effects but seems I have no choice.

feel at a loss at what to do, any advice would be welcome.

thank you


  • Fif
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    I've been on amgevita which is an adalimumab biosimilar since July and have experienced no side effects but there has been a vast improvement in levels of inflamation and pain. I'd give it a go and see how you fare. You can always stop if you really suffer side effects. There are a number of biologics so if one doesn't work for you, maybe they will suggest an alternative. Good luck.

  • jamieA
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    Hi @Natash

    I can only echo @Fif comments. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in October 2020 and prescribed sulfasalazine which didn't work. In Feb 2021 methotrexate was added and the combination didn't work. In July 2021 Amgevita was added and 3 weeks later I could feel an improvement. By September 2021 I was able to hand my crutches back to the hospital physio. I'm now able to walk 50-60kms with my dog - albeit with a limp. I'm not cured but I'm functional.

    I know we are all different and respond differently to drugs but it certainly has helped me significantly. I hope it works for you.