First time scooter user - beep beep!

Hi all. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when our local FB page posted that a mobility scooter was being offered free to a good home. Of course I jumped at the chance, and it is being delivered on Sunday.

It is a Liteway MegaLite. but apart from that I don't know much about it. I don't know if it comes apart to go in the car or anything, but it has been serviced etc so is good to go. Does anyone have this particular make that they can share advice on?

Either way, I am excited but also feeling imposter syndrome. I can no longer walk my dogs because of both my spinal and knee arthritis, so a scooter will allow me to go out with my daughter and take the reins, so to speak, of my elderly dog as he doesn't pull and just likes to amble along. This way we can go further and I can explore the village I have just moved to.

Thankfully the bungalow I moved to in May has an outside charging point for scooters and a wide side gate, along with a ramp at the front so I'm good to go! But I am also very aware that some members of my family will see it as unnecessary, or as me giving in. The problem is, they only see me when I'm at home so I probably look ok, but they don't see me after 5 minutes of being upright, or walking for more than a few minutes.

I really need to shake this feeling.


  • john62
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    Hi @upthecreak

    I also have a mobility scooter for the same reason. I can't walk my 3 year old Beagle any longer so this allows me on two occasions each week to give him a long walk and also a good run when l ramp up the speed on our local cycle path. I give him a slow short walk on the remaining days and my wife also takes him out. He has a good run in the countryside on Saturday and Sunday

    I don't use the scooter for getting about, l continue to walk as much as l can but l can't walk far before the pain in my hips and knees becomes unbearable but the exercise is esential.

    My scooter is a small lightweight version that breaks down into three parts plus the battery so l can store it in my small car and charge the battery in my shed. I drive to suitable locations where l can use it. I can't offer any advice on your scooter save to say you will soon work it out. I also felt like a bit of an imposter when l first got it but soon got over it when l realised the benefit for myself and my dog. Don't feel like an imposter, you are getting it for the right reasons, enjoy it with your dog. 🙂