Hi, after over a year of unsuccessful physio sessions for a stiff hip I've now recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and am now on the list for a total hip replacement.

This is all new to me and having to give up my weekly jog/run forever has disheartened me. I know it's only a minor thing, I guess I am just frustrated and a little scared of what the future holds and whether I can get back to sailing again. I am 55


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  • Hi

    Any new health issue feel like mountain to conquer, but if you face it head on, you will get through it, and take slow steps daily, to get back on your feet. But remember set backs are part of the battle so don't let it knock your confidence. Good luck


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    Hi JPT,

    Feeling for you at 55 to be on the list for hip replacement. My husband has just had his at age 73!! He was a triathlete right up until he was 65 and that gradually tapered off to regular swimming, cycling, marathon then half marathons and eventually only cycling and swimming. We both have osteoarthritis (I also have PMR) BUT we have both remained active and plan to continue to do so. Cycling and swimming is a great alternative to running to keep the muscles working. No reason why you can't get back to jogging once your hip is replaced and your fitness levels re-established. The important thing is to keep the muscles working around the joint for the best post op outcome. Friend of ours has had two hip and knee replacements and in his 70s and is enjoying golf. My point is, don't let this hiccup stop you from physical activity and enjoyment. Embrace what you can do ...👍 Good luck 🤞