Newly diagnosed with knee oa

I'm struggling with my new diagnosis but im determined to be strong and keep going on with my life. I'm trying to make the right changes to help myself but I feel unsupported by my partner it's a case of it doesn't effect him so it's ok.


  • janiebin
    janiebin Member Posts: 53

    It is always a difficult time getting your head round a new diagnosis but a positive attitude helps enormously so keep strong. You have to focus on yourself and it is also difficult for partners to come to terms with the changes you will have to make. Let them help you with your research, join in on this community because they are great on here giving support to everyone

    Look at the other discussions about oa and knees it is all very helpful.

  • fiona83
    fiona83 Member Posts: 3

    I will try to remain positive and make the changes I need to help myself I will have a look at all the discussions and advice. I guess im just feeling a bit emotional about it all.

  • Chris_R
    Chris_R Moderator Posts: 785

    Hi @fiona83

    Welcome to. the online community,so great you are making contact with others,it always helps to chat to others

    Everyone on the forums understand what you are going through as we all have some form of arthritis.

    We also give great support to each other and try to help whenever we can.

    Please let us know how you get on and remember you are not alone we are always here.

    All the best Christine

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