Free NHS covid tests for eligible people - England centric

I’ve been having quite a lot of hassle sourcing free LFTs

We used to get them via the NHS website but that service has been discontinued.

The new system is that we should be able to pick them up from a local pharmacy, after giving info which proves eligibility.

My problem was finding a pharmacy that A, knew about this and B, was registered to provide the service.

After chasing my tail for several weeks, I have finally found something positive.

You can find out which nearest pharmacy offers this service by entering “NHS Pharmacy Finder” into a search engine.

Put in your postcode and a list of local pharmacies will come up. Then it’s a case of clicking on each one and looking at the services they provide until you find one which fits the bill.

My nearest one turned out to be the chemist inside a Major Supermarket Superstore, beginning with T.

Good to know someone is up to speed with this!

Remember - you don’t have to go in person; someone else can collect them for you if they take along all of the relevant details

  • My ICB couldn’t name a specific pharmacy but, after some misdirection, did come back to me with this info about the pharmacy finder tool


  • Ellen
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    Thank you so much for this @BettyMac

    I am sure this information will help other members.

    Hope you ae recovering well from the virus

    Best wishes


  • BettyMac
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    If you’re not eligible for the free ones, it’s worth trying online. The cheapest I found, if you can afford to bulk-buy, is around 71p each.

    They’re a lot more expensive in chemists. A single test kit will usually cost around £2 mark but check offers

    Bulk-buy pros & cons - much cheaper unit price but bigger outlay - watch use-by dates - maybe share an order with someone else who needs them?

    Local chemist - more expensive unit price - shop around - check prices & for best deal