newbie recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis

hi all, I considered my self a fit, active 50 (ish) year old with a passion for life and 7 grandkids and an active dog to keep me going. I've always been an active person, cycling, swimming, walking etc.

Twenty or so years ago, when i was in my early 30's, i had a right knee arthroscopy and bi lateral carpal tunnel decompression. After these operations i carried on a normal active lifestyle as i had done before hand with no issues.

Last year after careful planning i took up a major feat of cycling Lands End to John o' groats. Half way through the cycle i started noticing discomfort and pain in my left foot. I put it down to being clipped in and possibly poor positioning of the clip/shoe/pedal orientation.

After completing LEJOG, my foot was all types of sore and swollen, a good rest and recouperation was needed. fast forward 12 months to late August 2023 in work. I walk alot for my job, in excess of 6 miles each night. i wear steel toe capped safety boots so these are fairly heavy on the feet. i was offered a trial of a lighter pair and took the opportunity. As the week wore on my left foot got more painful after each shift so much so by the end of the week i could barely walk on my left foot. This prompted me to see the doctors after taking some time off work to hopefully ease the symptoms. Trips to MSKCATS, hospital for x-rays and back to doctors again resulted in me being diagnosed with Mild midfoot OA and moderate OA at interphalangeal joints along with Plantar fasciitis.

work have been tough on me as i've asked for reasonable adjustments around work to allow me to rest my foot often only to be told there is no such thing as light duties.

im feeling let down, defeated and deflated.

I've been to see a physiotherapist and had 2 rounds of accupunture, its helped a little but the bad days are getting more frequent regardless of how much or how little i exercise my foot, i have a bouncy full of life sprocker dog that keeps me on my toes, most days walking him i'm in pain but i suffer it because he needs his exercise, my wife can't take him out because she has fibromyalgia and is constantly in pain. I'm on medication(NSAID's), these make a bit of a difference to the pain, by easing the swelling slightly.

I've no other joint pain or discomfort, is this normal for it to only affect one limb/joint/area?

hints, tips and advice are more than welcome.


  • frogmorton
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    Good morning @carl71

    Nice to meet you.

    I am very sorry to hear about your odd foot being in trouble so suddenly and badly. It does seem a bit unusual to me, but wonder whether there is any connection with the original knee operation🤔 maybe you put extra pressure on that one foot to protect your knee? Hence it being arthritic on it's own. Unless of course, and I think you'd have said, you broke that foot in the past.

    Plantar fasciitis makes so much sense on your bike due to the position our feet are in when we are cycling - and boy did you cycle! Well done BTW for that fabulous effort.

    My own husband gave himself it my doing work squatting or on a ladder for too many days/weeks running. It is very very painful has anyone suggested a steroid injection into that part of the foot and you know it might just make a huge difference. To be fair the business paid privately for his as he is is self employed and has to have cover. Rest is of course vital, but it doesn't sound as though your work want to support you to get better.

    I'll eave you now to see whether anyone else has any good ideas

    Oh yes I forgot have you thought about getting some really good boots my husband now wears skechers work boots I think they have steel toecaps too. If you are not allowed something like this then maybe getting a good insole to put into the work boots might help too? Hit it in every which way you can.

    You probably do this already but take your dog to a place he can run off the lead if he behaves for exercise rather than you doing lots of walking I imagine a spocker needs a lot of exercise!

    Apologies for typos


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    Hello @carl71 and welcome to the Community.

    I think @frogmorton has said most of it really so all I can add is the link to information on our website.

    Have a look at this and it might be worth looking around the website to see if there is any other information that works for you. Also our booklet might help.

    Best wishes and Season's Greetings


    Need more help? - call our Helpline on0800 5200 520Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

  • carl71
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    @frogmorton @noddingtonpete , thank you so.much for your replies.

    Agreed about cycling, it's a dreded compromise between comfort and safety. The pain did start of midsole so had my suspicions about it being plantar fasciitis but brushed it off as only a man does lol.

    Finny you say steroid injections been waiting for a referral to hospital foot clinic for months now, got it this morning for mid January for steroid injections.

    I wear sketcher trainers now, used to wear skater trainers with a flat sole, so that never helped me, never been a shoe or boot person. I like jeans and trainers even at my ripe old age 🤣. Never heard of sketcher work boots, might have to look into that.

    Yes my boy needs loads of exercise and luckily we have a place or 4 where he can run off the lead in all weather's and I can stand and watch him 👍

    Thanks for the booklet info and link Peter, I'm sure these will be invaluable to me.

    Season greetings to you both.

  • frogmorton
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    Great I'm glad you've found the Skechers already @carl71 forgot to ask my husband if they are to-tectors or not sorry.

    Glad you have the dog walks sussed for your lively boy 🐶

    Do let us know how the steroid jabs go. IMPORTANT though use the foot as little as possible for at least 24 hours. If you can get someone else to do the walks for a day or so that would be great. You need to keep the steroid where it's been put as long as possible.


  • carl71
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    Update on the above.

    I was due to have my steroid injections today on my foot. I went to my appointment had another xray on my foot, saw the specialist who decided I may not have OA and I'm over compensating because of plantar fasciitis. So they decided they want to arrange an appointment for me to have an ultrasound scan and see the state of my plantar and decide on a course of treatment, either shockwave therapy or an operation depending on how my plantar looks.

    Was hoping the pain would be a bit more bearable after today, but I'm still left suffering awaiting yet more tests and scans