Pain in top of hand

I may have posted this before but I cannot find it About a week ago my trigger finger got stuck and i was holding something in my other hand so I could not immediately manually reset it. It swelled a lot . GP gave me some pain killing cream but it is very painful achey it responds well to strapping taping and bandaging is it the right to do


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    I am so sorry your finger is so sore after it got stuck. I hope it has eased a bit for you @Lotsofpain

    I am not medically trained so can't answer your question maybe you have an open pharmacy near you you could check in with?

    Best wishes


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    Morning @Lotsofpain

    I to had similar problem with hands and fingers.

    I found exercises helped me and silly as it sounds putting hands in colder water ??

    Obviously we are all different but as I say helped me 🤞🤞🤞

    Best wishes @Naomi33

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    Hi @Lotsofpain

    I was diagnosed with trigger finger of the middle fingers of my left hand in 2019, the year before I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Initially with mine they locked in the extended - not curled - position. The GP said I should massage them until they released and I did this by massaging the base of the finger at the joint it connects to my hand. When I saw the orthopaedics consultant in 2020 he gave me steroid injections into the base of the fingers exactly where I massaged them and that lasted for 2 years. Since I was diagnosed with PsA I get a significant ache in both my hands exactly where you describe on the back of them. When I do my hand exercises - particularly wiggling my fingers - I get a clicking noise and feel on the back of my hands almost as if something is getting stuck. I wear compression gloves and feel they help significantly. My rheumatologist gave me a general steroid shot in my rump in September and my trigger fingers haven't given me much of a problem since.