I have not been diagnosed yet but have been in chronic pain my hands for years I have started having more pain in my hands now and have noticed a big lump in my wrist my knuckles are always swollen,and every joint in my body hurts the more I walk the more I hobble I am 46 years old and have been finding it hard to find out what to do I have been to my doctors about my hands the pain I'm always in I get a sick note that's it can you help


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    Morning @Gina24

    I am not helpline just a member.

    My own personal advice would be to go back to the Drs and be firm with them take someone you trust with you you are less likely to be fobbed off then.

    In an ideal world you would have tests or be referred to a consultant. Say assertive things like 'what further tests can you do to find out what's going on' or 'who can I see for an opinion'.

    Best of luck. Leaving you to the experts for their input now

    Toni x

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    Hello @Gina24 and welcome to the Community.

    Good advice from @frogmorton about going back to your GP and trying to get them to refer you to a consultant or more tests. Either way you need the medical profession to progress this further.

    In the meantime I've put a link in below to some information on our website which I hope will be of use to you.

    Best wishes


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  • Morning @Gina24. So sorry to hear about the pain and difficulties you are experiencing. We understand that dealing with pain can be emotional as well as physical. It may be helpful to keep a symptom diary each day detailing how you are feeling along with how the pain is affecting you and which joints are affected throughout the day to show to your GP. Tests to confirm a diagnosis are really important, so that any necessary treatments can be offered, so it is important to insist that these are carried out by your GP. I hope this information below will be helpful for you as well.

    Best wishes