Medical Professionals Not Reading Case Notes

I've just returned from an appointment with an orthopaedics consultant regarding my left knee which I've waited 9 months for. Yet again it was obvious that the consultant hadn't read my case notes. I've lost count now of the number of appointments I've attended where I've had to give a potted history. He seemed unaware that I had psoriatic arthritis or any heart issues. He had on his screen an x-ray of my knee - the last time it was x-rayed was July 2021 according to my files. He performed a perfunctory straightening then bending my knee without even rolling up my trousers or taking off my knee support. He said my knee could be managed by NSAIDs and painkillers or a knee replacement. I pointed out that my heart medication means I cannot take NSAIDs and had been told in February 2022 by a rheumatology consultant I'd need a knee replacement 'sooner rather than later'. He asked me to list the drugs I was on for both my heart issues and my PsA. He didn't recognise Amgevita - or adalimumab - and had to look it up and then couldn't pronounce it. He then casually said he would put me on the list for a knee replacement, that it was a 2 year wait, filled in a form, handed it to me and asked me to give it to the nurse on the way out to start the process. The nurse took the form then weighed me and took my height, noted it on the form said my BMI was ok and would process the application.

Before anyone suggests this is pressure of work - the waiting room was empty both before and after my appointment so I can't see his not reading my recent medical history being down to that. This has happened multiple times to me over the last 2 years - I really do question the efficiency and working practices of the NHS.

Rant over!


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    Hi @jamieA

    I have given up expecting doctors surgeons or consultants to read my notes an I now take a potted history on paper on all my diagnoses, tests, x-rays and all my current meds, surgerues etc and hand it to them to read

    That way I dont worry that I forget anything. We shouldn't have to do this but it helps. They can then keep it on file and have no excuse not to discuss anything they need to from it. I also update it with any new updates after appointments. It's also useful for filling in pre op or other hospital ins where the boss for completion are far too small for anyone like us with multiple problems. It also has nok contact details.

    We shouldn't have to but treat drs as if you've never seen one before!

    Good luck

    Trish xx