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Hi, I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my knees... Started at 39 and I am now 52 and starting to really feel it. I have tried many things but for me a hot bath and supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin are among the tips from this website that seem to work best. I am reluctant to take painkillers but am finding I need to take them more and more now. Why are things so different for so many people when the condition is the same? Has anyone tried infrared devices that claim to help? I am at the stage where anything that is said to help, i will try :) Anyways just wanted to say hi and also thanks for the advice I found on here already. Please feel free to drop any suggestions in the replies.🙌


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    Hello @mrpaul1971 and welcome to the Community.

    Although there are many people with the same issue things affect some of us in slightly different ways so can seem more severe in some than others. In your search for alternatives have you tried a TENS machine? It helps me (shoulder and hand) and you can get them quite cheaply. The other thing is Capsaicin cream which is available on prescription which you rub on the joint.

    Heat treatments also bring some relief from pain and this may be where the infrared devices come in. have a look through

    Hope you find something that works for you

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Pete, Thanks for the kind welcome. I have indeed tried a tens machine but found it did not work for me. The cream you mention I did try to get that but no chemists around me stock it so still have the prescription slip. I did try something last night... A CBD oil infused bath and I have to say I did get quite a few hours relief. Not sure if my head is telling me it worked or if it did actually work. It did enough to encourage me to buy more and give it a longer run. Thanks for the info.