I am in my late 20s and I am trying to defeat RA so anyone trying to do the same please feel free to connect. Let's fight RA together


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    Hello @MeVSRA and welcome to the Community, I hope you enjoy your time here.

    There are many on here with RA - some got it young, so hopefully they will connect with you soon to share their experiences.

    Meanwhile have a look at some of the stories of young people who've lived with arthritis - there may be some good hints and tips - try the following link Young People Stories

    Best wishes


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    Hi there,

    Aged 15, 63 years ago, I was diagnoseed with RA. I don't see how RA can be 'defeated'. We have faulty, overactive immune systems which attack our own bodies.


    I think it's very possible to live well with RA. I have done. And many others do. We just have to live sensibly (that's the hard bit!), priotitise, let go of the trivia and focus on the important bits.

    Have you seen Arthur's Place? It's for young people with arthritis. Have a look.

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