Had xrays been told I have Arthritis

Went to see the doctors a few weeks back, with pain, lower back, hips, forearm, painful fingers, and shoulder. Hit gold when I got to see a Locum Gp who ran through some tests and sent me for xrays at the hospital. Xrays came back Arthritis in my neck and knee area. Since then I've had full blood counts taken for analysis should hear back from these soon. GP had initially suspected Osteoarthritis, been having pain in shoulders and neck since childhood, im hoping it's not rheumatoid arthritis. Any advice on first steps, my fingers, wrists and forearm are sore daily, my shoulder was frozen for hours today. Leaves me needing to sleep to take the pain away. Any advice on pain relief, suggestions for arthritis related aids. What should I be asking at the doctors please.