Post THR appointment

It's now six weeks since my THR and I'm delighted with the results. I'm still using one crutch outside, walking a mile each day (or rather when the weather permits) and with an office based job was expecting to return to work after the New Year. I have no pain and am much more mobile than I was for the last year before my surgery. However, at my six week hospital appointment, when I was seen by a total stranger, albeit a chap who I saw speaking to my surgeon whilst I was in the waiting room at the hospital, I asked about returning to driving and was told not before about three to four months! This is quite contrary to every bit of advice I've been given or read previously (including the advice on the nhs website) and as I work a half hour drive from my home (with no public transport - very rural area), this is going to delay my return to work considerably. I don't understand why he said that and am horrified at being dependent upon others for so long as I live alone. Has anyone else had this as advice?


  • RogerBill
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    Hi @LK57 I believe the general rule is that you can drive six weeks after the operation subject to being able to do an emergency brake. Because it was my left hip I had replaced and as I had an automatic car, the surgeon would have let me drive after only a couple of weeks. Nevertheless I waited six weeks just to be on the safe side and I didn't want to risk any issues with insurance, etc. I think you should check with the hospital.