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Hi, I got diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip only a few days ago, bit of a shock as I’m only 44. Luckily (so far) the pain comes and goes and can go without pain for few months. Feel a bit afraid of the future and everything feels a bit uncertain atm! Trying to stay positive though by reading everything that can help but so overwhelming as there’s so much info!


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    Don't be afraid! When you have it, the hip replacement operation is a life changer, a modern miracle! Make sure that when the pain gets continuously bad, you get yourself on a NHS waiting list asap. The huge advantage of being young is that you will recover really quickly!

    A woman at my swimming pool who had both hips operated on in her late forties, is amazing, apart from the scars, you wouldn't know.

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    Hello @cathtaylor and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    Have you been given any pain treatments by your GP/Consultant? Also you could try some gentle stretching such as the following, but again it should be under medical supervision or by a physio. In the meantime have a look at:

    Please keep posting and let us know how are getting on.

    Best wishes


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  • I’m the same, diagnosed a few weeks ago with X-ray results over the phone. Just left with nothing after that so joined this forum for more info.

    I have pain all day, especially in the morning and struggle to shower as so sore. Other than that can do everything else during the day with not too much pain. Doc said not at point where I need hip replacement but worry by that time will be in a bad way & have to wait months for the op.

    How quickly does the average person deteriorate? Know this is a difficult question but terrified of it all?

  • Thank you for your replies and for the warm welcome. So far I have only had around 4 ‘episodes’ of pain throughout the last year. First day is the worst - can’t even put my socks on. By the end of the week the pain has virtually gone. Then nothing for a couple of months then the same again. The first time I went to my GP she said it can’t be arthritis otherwise I would have pain all the time! 3rd doctor sent me for X-ray and got told over the phone it was OA.He said to just keep taking paracetamol (as to be fair I said that it’s manageable with that). When the pain gets too bad I will go back. I don’t know whether to go back and talk to them as and when it gets worse or to take the stronger stuff now? I’m a little afraid of the future but also hopeful too of better medicines! I will definitely ask to be on the waiting list as soon as I feel it’s necessary.