Arithritis in thumb joint

Hello all. I am new to the community. I have osteoarithritis in right hip and left thumb joint. Has anybody found anything that actually helps?


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    Hello @Johngos and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    Have you been given any pain relief from your GP/Consultant? If not try in the New Year - I've put a link in below for information from our website.

    I used to suggest Capsaicin cream but seems NHS can no longer get supplies. Strangely you can still buy it. I used to use it on my thumb joint.

    The other thing to try are gentle exercises. Below is the link to our Hip exercise video.

    Hip Stretching

    I hope that you find something that works for you.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Johngos

    I had a trapeziectomy in 2020 and it was worth every penny. If you click on the magnifying glass to search trapeziectomy you'll find a wealth of help and advice including many long posts from me on various threads

    Don't waste time or money using cream as we are constantly wading our hands these day. If you want to though try a strong voltarol gel at night time and wear a glove or something over the top so it doesn't get anywhere it shouldn't while you sleep...eyes, face, etc

    Don't stop using your thumb.

    Heat and cold therapy help. I use Hot Hands which are little packs of magic available as a pack of two in most shops or, if you get on with them they're cheaper by the box off online selling sites which is what I buy. They're air activated and fit perfectly inside gloves and last about 12 hours. Once used freeze them for cold therapy and alternate.

    These are just a couple of suggestions, get an x-ray and referral to the local MSK team who can refer you to orthopaedics for surgery. You will probably be given an injection to the joint before you get to orthopaedics. These hurt like hell and I opt for guided now I'm going through the process on another part of my wrist.

    Do any exercises that your told to do.

    Please feel free to tag me if you need anything

    Trish xx

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    Just throwing it out there ... I was given anti viral Paxlovid for Covid as I'm on immunosuppressants. During the time I was taking it the pain from arthritis seemed to disappear.

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    I'm still waiting for my op but had a wonderful OT. I use exercises, ortho-putty and splints as needed. I found the OT at the hospital most helpful.

    I didn't find the steroid injections too bad at all. Minf you over the years I had them in my knees as well. They have worked on my right thumb but not my left (I'm right side dominant). Keep up any exercises they do help.

    Sadly I have had to give up my complex embroidery, guitar and renaisance recorders. But I have my ukelele!!! Yippeee.