Introducing myself!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Craig. I am originally from the UK but now live and work in the US.

I have OA, RA and PA and the latter causes me most problems. Only 47 years old but already looking at having my right knee replaced later this year. had my left knee done a few years ago.

I love to be active, especially playing golf but right now my PA is flaring very badly so I am using a walking frame. Other times I have to use a cane but most of the time I walk albeit with a slight limp!

My limbs are covered in plaques and although Enbrel helps, it is taking a very long time to work on this occasion. The plaques crack and bleed and the pain they cause along with the bone pain is excruciating at times. I was wondering if anyone here, got severe pain where their plaques are on the lower legs when you first stand up and walk out of bed to the bathroom. It is really painful and showering when they are bad, the water almost has a stinging sensation. Does anyone else have that?

I work in the media as a horse racing commentator and there are times I even have to sit down to commentate on the race in the commentary box. Although my GF is very supportive, I have had family members, former friends and people in the racing media business say very hurtful things about my appearance when I have a flare up and above all, it has really impacted my self esteem. I will not let them win and it does not impact my race commentating abilities. But despite counseling the playing over and over in my head of those cruel words many have said to me because of it still echo through my mind and I know for a fact other people in the media business have told potential employers that I have a "disgusting disease" and that "You do not want a person with that to represent your business." Family members also calling me "hideously ugly" has not helped either.

Sorry this has not been a cheerful post. without my GF and my three senior rescue dogs (I got them as seniors and one of them, Ricky Blind Dog, has been blind all his life has a very special bond with me) without them, I probably would not be able to talk to you today.

Thank you for listening.


  • noddingtonpete
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    Hello @britishracecaller and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    You might find our website of use - we have information on arthritis, treatments and hints and tips some of which I hope might help you, and if you have any specific questions just create a new discussion or comment on someone else's if relevant.

    The website is

    Best wishes


    Need more help? - call our Helpline on0800 5200 520Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

  • Ellen
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    Just wanted to pop by and offer my support to you @britishracecaller

    I am so sorry you have had such discrimination fired at you or about you. Those people ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and grateful for their health.

    I am resuming that being in the States you do not have access to free NHS treatment as we do here and are reliant on health insurance for your medications. Here I would be advising you to return to your consultant for further help.

    Of course hot water is going to sting those plaques very much and standing up will add to the pressure on your sore skin.

    Have you read this? Probably a bit like teaching your Grandmother to suck eggs, but.....

    and these people's stories:

    I think you should be very proud of yourself working, having a lovely partner and rescuing dogs too.

    Best wishes


  • Woofy
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    Hi britishrace caller.

    I was sat downstairs earlier feeling a little sorry for myself. I have RA & OA. I logged on only to read your post.

    I am so sorry that you have such a lot thrown at you, I almost feel ashamed that I was feeling miserable. The weather here in the uk has been awful, which I am sure makes the pain worse for me. I don’t know much about your other problems, but I am sorry that you have to put up with people being so mean, all because they are ignorant of these conditions. I sometimes feel like getting a t shirt printed with”yes I am old and slow, but I also have feelings. This is what Arthritis looks like. Please don’t let people make you feel ashamed. You didn’t ask for this. Educate these work colleagues of yours. Know your worth. You are clearly good at your job.

    i also have an elderly rescue dog, who has been by my side since this awful painful condition started two years ago.

    she is my reason for getting out of bed in the mornings. Sometimes I feel like my dog is the only one who appreciates me no matter what.

    I hope you get the help you need. This is a fantastic site, and I am sure someone on here will be able to share similar conditions to yours. Keep fighting.

  • frogmorton
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    Oh gosh @britishracecaller

    What nasty people you have encountered😠 I am with @Woofy and just want to say I admire you very much. You are coping so well with such a lot the PsA being the nastiest atm.

    Funnily enough I was reading a post this morning by someone else about a new medication they were taking and couldn't find it. The moderator though it might have been Bimekizumab and so I google that instead and this came up

    I also realise things are different in the US as far as treatments go with there being insurance related healthcare.

    The other thing I have seen regularly on here is people going back on a drug (in your case enbrel if I have understood you rightly you have restarted it?) and it being less effective. I might have misunderstood that part. Sorry if I have.

    I think you should be really proud of yourself to be honest. You are living in the US, have a great job, a fabulous partner and rescue dogs.👏from me. Meant in a genuine way.

    Take care

    Toni x