THR What shoes to wear to the hospital?

Hi. I'm having a hip replacement next week. One of my biggest concerns is what shoes I have to bring to the hospital. It's silly I know. I've tried to find a post with this information, sorry but I haven't found it. I think I should feel the ground under my feet for stability. I remember my boys, when they were babies ,didn't wear shoes for their first steps. They used to wear non-slip socks, the ones with silicone drops. On the other hand, maybe a pair of running shoes with wide sole and not too flat could help me too if I have to walk or climb up stairs with the physiotherapist. I'm using them now with loose laces so they are easy to put with a long shoe horn. What is your advise, please? Thanks


  • stickywicket
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    Personally, I'd no option but to wear my surgical shoes - strong, supportive, lace-ups. Your running shoes sound good to me. Laces you can tighten / slacken without bending are excellent but you'll always get help in hospital. It's when you come home you'll need to ensure you don't bend much. My husband bought some good, supportive slip-ons for his THRs.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks @stickywicket . Since I found out my husband will not able to help me because he isn't allowed to be with me in the hospital, due to Covid restrictions, I'm a little bit more worried about these little things.

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    @Nurina I had my hip replacement just over two weeks ago and I went into hospital in my Skechers slip ons which fit well, I feel secure they won't slip and I can easily get them on and off with my long-handled shoe-horn. I also took some slip on, but well-fitting, slippers with a non-slip sole. The two pairs of footwear have been my go-to footwear since I came home too.

    My ankles swelled a little after surgery so anything too tight-fitting might not be a good idea.

    I agree with @stickywicket there is plenty of help in hospital - the nurses/physios don't let you do anything yourself until you can and it's safe. I found I worried far more before I went into hospital than I did once there.

    Wishing you all the very best and please let us know how you go on, good luck!

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    Thanks @Janlyn I'm reading your diary. Your experience and the replies from others are very helpful. I love the rule of the three "P". X

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    Hi @Nurina

    My husband bought some elastic laces for my walking books and trainers and the are a godsend. Never have to undo or do them up, I just use a long handled shoe horn to help as I can't bend down.

    Trish xx

  • Nurina
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    Thanks @Trish9556 That's a great idea. Thanks

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    Echoing what the others have said. I have a pair of sketchers shoes, simple, black, casual which I am still wearing, so cosy and comfortable. My long shoe horn has been invaluable. For the gym, where I have just started going, I put ithe elastic laces mentioned above, into a pair of trainers.

    Basically they aren't keen on shoes you can slip out of, so slip ons without backs aren't recommended.

  • Nurina
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    Thanks @swimmer60 I've been looking for skechers ballerina style with good grip sole. My long shoe horn has been my friend from months. From all the shoes I have, I can only wear running shoes with loose laces. The elastic laces are a revelation. I think running shoes have a very thick rubbery sole and I could trip with them during recovery.

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    Again to echo what others have said, there's plenty of help on the ward.

    As far as going home etc elastic laces and long shoehorn are very useful and something I wish I'd thought about more than a couple of weeks before my Op.

    At the moment (I came home two weeks ago) a pair of ankle high trainers are my go to outside and sturdy slippers indoors.

  • Chris1
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    I went for Sketchers slip on to go in with. I was given slipper socks to wear in the ward.

    Take sare xxx

  • Nurina
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    Thanks @Chris1 and @Denis68 . I hope everything goes well.