Won't give me rituximab infusion

On 23rd November, was meant to have endoscopy to remove polyp from colon due to inflammation getting into my bowel, wouldn't do it as my heart rate kept dropping, was meant to have rituximab infusion the following week, rheumatology refused to give me it until they remove plolyp, colonoscopy won't take polyp of until ive had chestmri scan. In the meantime rheumatology have just put me on 2mg prednisone, but all my joints are inflamed, also taking 6 tramadol for the pain daily, have had to come out of work, has anyone else been left so long without medication, condition is getting worse daily, but in catch 22 situation, any help please


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    Definitely an unenviable situation though I'm sure it's best not to risk anything that might exacerbate a potential heart problem., 2mgs of pred probably won't do much to help but, again, the fear might be your heart. I wonder if either your rheumatologist or GP could (as my GP's reveptionist once put it to me) "tell them to get a shufti on". Sometimes we can just drop down a list or even drop off it.

    I did, once, have to come off my methotrexate for 12 weeks bedore a THR or TKR. (Can't remember which.) It wasn't a pleasant experience! I was trundling round the house in a wheelchair. I couldn't have worked. Give someone a ring and see where you are on the scan list and if you can be moved up.

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    Thank you for your message, had chest mri scan and only waiting results, had to get in touch with rheumatology as swelling in my hands, knees, and ankles was horrendous, gave me 30mg prednisone a day for a week, to be reduced 5mg a week until I get the results back.

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    Gosh that must have been awful @gazrobbo

    I'm so glad you are starting to get some help. Hope the results come in quickly and 'someone' is chasing them for you.

    Best of luck

    Toni x