Travel Insurance - any ideas?

Hi everyone

I have multiple conditions autoimmune diseases crone’s, psoriatic arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, and more , I am 70 this year and my husband has booked a week abroad I managed to get insurance but now I’ve been diagnosed with kidney stones and my insurance has suspended my insurance until I get treatment the way it’s looking with the NHS I don’t think I will be seen soon enough can anybody help please xx


  • stickywicket
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    Hi @Franky ,

    So, you've been collecting medical conditions and now wish to go abroad. I can only speak of my own experience. (I, too, have various bits of me that are pests) Frankly, I've now given up as I have an ancient TKR and semi-ancient THR above it which are now, officially inoperable.

    But, for many years, I went with Mr SW to visit our son and grandson in California. I learnt:

    1. Always declare everything

    2. Don't use the comparison sites. (We used an insurance broker.)

    3. Always phone up. Don't do it online. That way both 9f you can ask questions. Boring and time-consuming but it does ensure nothing is forgotten or omitted.

    4. Don't bother trying if you have an 'undiagnosed condition' ie not confirmed by a specialist

    5. Always put both of you on the same 'insurance ticket'. Thst way, if one of youngets ill at the end of the holiday, the other can stay with them instead of having to return home.

    I don't know where kidney stones come in. It seems to me, if they're diagnosed, you should be OK. Maybe they're regarded as something that could kick off at any time. (So, what about the arthritis?) I think they just like stability ie no risk to them. Maybe it'd help to find out exactly where you stand on the kidney stones.

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  • Franky
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    Hi thanks for the info, I told my husband to forget it as when you have stuff wrong with you they don’t want to know, they were happy to take my money but once I developed the kidney stones they stopped insurance for all my conditions, I am so annoyed as I can’t get any money back from them as well.

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    I wouldn't give up if you want to go I have seen people in their 80s with cancer and multiple conditions on cruises there are companies that will insure but at quite a high premium. Insurance check everything even things you may have recovered from.

  • Franky
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    Thank you you’re answer gives me hope

  • We are going on a Cruise in Sept i have had wrists fused both kness replaced and a double lft ankle fusion...

    The better half has MS and a few others we got cover for £119 i'll ping you a pm as the mods don't allow put names forward ...

  • Franky
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    Hi thanks for the info but they do not cover over 70s☹️ maybe I could find a younger person 😂 but I’ve been with him for 50 years of happy married life.

    if anyone knows of a company that covers us old folk please let me know.

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    I don't know who you're with @Franky but when my daughter had cancer we travelled we paid an arm and a leg for it, but we travelled, She also has epilepsy and Avascular necrosis and was still on chemo.

    I will PM you the name of the company.

    Ring them up though like @stickywicket says.

    I hope you get your holiday

    Toni x

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    Franky, just made a post on travel insurance forum regarding a company who insured me for a yearly policy and they were quite reasonable compared to others. If you go there to that forum you can see eh9 I recommend, good luck

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    Hi, I’m new here. We are struggling to sort out insurance at the moment. I’d love to look at the forum you mention. How do I find it please?


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    As sticky wicket said ring the company declare all conditions none of them are cheap now as insurance in general has gone up.I was going to jordan of all places now cancelled they insured me and now holding money for another trip. Some specialise in medical conditions and over 65s don't know your age...look at the back of the newspaper or magazine. Few companies beginning A that are OK