New & Recently Diagnosed with Hip Stage 4 Osteoarthritis - struggling with pain

Hi - thank you for allowing me to join, I hope my post is not too negative.

I’ve had joint pain for several years but only recently been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of my left hip and suspect I may have it in my knees ( these weren’t xrayed). I’m struggling with the pain and welcome any advice.

I have an orthopaedic consultant appointment in March for a hip replacement but suspect they won’t proceed with it because of my weight. I struggle doing even the most simplest of tasks, can only walk with the aid of walking poles and even struggle to sleep because of the constant pain.

My employer has been pretty unsupportive, insisting I drive to an office 4+hours from home - which isn’t my closer, contracted office even though work Occupational Health recommended 100% working from home. I am going through the grievance process but my solicitor expects I will eventually lose my job and income.

I am special guardian to my 10 year grandson so limited to medication that doesn’t affect my awareness and I can’t take NSAIDs due to a stomach condition. I feel pretty desperate.


  • Naomi33
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    Hello @jillybean18 and welcome to the online community.

    Sorry to hear you concerns about osteoarthritis in hip.

    The following links may be of help..........

    Keep posting I am sure other will connect and support you soon.

    Best wishes @Naomi33

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    Hi @jillybean18 I would recommend speaking to citizens advice regarding the work situation. There are laws in place regarding disability at work. Your employer has a legal obligation to make any reasonable work place adjustments for disabled employees. There is a lot of information on hope this helps

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    Hi Jillybean My situation is very similar I have severe osteoarthritis in my right hip and degenerative disease in my lower lumber spine I had consultants appointment in July and he confirmed I need a hip replacement operation but I need to lose weight before I can have operation. I am currently taken weight loss tablets which are helping. Due to pain and complete lack of mobility I am off work on sick pay. I applied for PIP benefit and have been awarded higher mobility allowance and am using this to get a powerchair which will hopefully help my return to work. I know how painful it getting any sleepi is very difficult I have been prescribed co codamol pain killers but still struggle to get a good night sleep. Have you got a union rep that could help my thought are with you hope you get help. If I can help please let me know regards Rhona

  • Denis68
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    I agree with the above suggestions regarding the work situation, both unions and citizens advice would be a good source of advice and support - there are legal obligations on employers.

    Regarding weight, from my perspective. I lost two stone pre Op and am sure it's helping with my recovery post Op. I also noticed a lessening of pain as my weight was coming down.