Post Hip Op

Hi everyone!,

I have been lucky enough to get my hip replacement on the 5th December. It has been fantastic! I am now getting pain in my opposite hip, knee and inner thigh. I do have z as but of arthritis in my knee and hip but not sure if the pain will ease! Has anyone had this experience or is it normal?


  • Denis68
    Denis68 Member Posts: 53

    Hi @Newyear I had my hip replacement op on 18 December. I have found that as I am moving more I get the odd twinges in my non operated leg as well as the operated one. Nothing really significant but enough to notice.

    I believe a lot of the aches are a consequence of starting to walk correctly rather than compensating for a bad hip. If I'm still getting twinges in a few months, I may be more concerned but at this point, I'm not worried.

  • swimmer60
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    Your body is doing a lot of adjusting and your "good" side has done a lot of the heavy lifting, so to speak. It could be that the adjusting is still going on.

    Pain in your groin could mean you'll need another hip-op., but fingers crossed that's way in the future!

    BTW my fingers are well and truly crossed!🤞