A Welcome Change in Attitude.

I'm a travelling instrumental music teacher and, about 20 years ago, I was struggling with illness, injury and stress and got a hard time from my employer about the time I was taking off. I was called to a meeting but, fortunately, my GP had written a detailed letter explaining everything and after that they started giving me support. Very reluctantly, I felt.

What a difference 20 years makes. Today I emailed my line manager to tell her about the arthritis diagnosis I received on Friday. She messaged me back within 5 minutes asking my permission to pass it on to HR and saying I should be able to get plenty of support and might even be able to arrange some medical follow up - seeing how important my hands are to my work.

Given my history with them I'm still slightly stunned, to be honest.


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    I'm very pleased dor you, @WillowWhimsy , and do hope their new attitude lasts.

    Thank you for such a positive post which will be helpful to others.

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