I have been looking at your research wondering I I should or could be part of it.

I was disappointed to see that the upper age limit is between 65 and 69. Why is this, surely quality of life for over 70s would help reduce care costs etc.


  • Hi @jackyt50

    Thank you for posting on our Online Community, thank you for enquiring about wanting to take part in important research.

    We are sorry that you are of an understanding that there is an age bracket in taking part in research, unfortunately I am unable to confirm this. Our understanding is that the age of the participant will be determined by the researcher depending on the questions asked that they are working on and if it is age appropriate.

    There are many ways that you could be a part of this you could also contact your GP or a Rheumatologist to find out how you could also get involved in their research, there are also support groups wanting volunteers and by contacting the link I have added below the People in Research who support public involvement in medical research.

    Best wishes

    Chris Helpline Advisor