Trying to stay positive

Hello everyone….I have widespread osteoarthritis, back,hands, knees and feet. I have been referred to a pain clinic and I’m waiting for appointment. I have so much to be grateful for, a wonderful family and supportive husband. However sometimes the constant pain just gets to be to much. The medication i have been prescribed helps, but nothing takes it away completely. I have a mobility scooter, which I am very grateful for, it stops me being housebound. My pain is a lot worse since this cold weather set in.

i would like to know if anyone feels like this and have days that are hard to get through.

Good wishes to you all…..Jan x


  • stickywicket
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    I think we all have those days. I find my OA (I also have RA) respomds to what I've been doinv. Regular, daily, gentle exercises are good (Try googling 'Let's Move with Leon') buþ overdoing anything results in setbacks. Sometimes, of course, things are worth the payback. We just have to decide carefully.. Stay positive. It's good for us☺

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