Not happy with my last rheumatology appointment


Last year I was finally diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis after "fighting" for 2 years to be heard and for my symptoms and pains to be taken into consideration. I started on hydroxychloroquine which did not work and on the following appointment my medication has been changed to Methotrexate which did nothing either. On my last appointment, ( 6 months later) I was meant to see my rheumatologist and when I entered the door there was another doctor waiting for me. Not only that I felt she dismissed my symptoms when I said they got worse and methotraxate did not help at all ( hot knees, hot ankles, stiffness, struggling to walk, stiff hands and fingers at night) , she sugested that I might be depressed and overweight and mentioned about 4-5 times that I have to lose weight and took me off my medication and said that if I feel worse without meds that means that medication done something for me but I didn't realise. I am a size 14, I work as a waitress so I am walking 8-10-12 hrs a day at times, I go hiking when I can and when my fatigue or pain does not suck the life out of me. I don't know what to do as I am frustrated with my last visit and I am scared for my symptoms not to get worse as it makes it difficult to do my job or even get out of bed, and I don't want my whole journey to start again from the beggining.


  • How odd !!!!

    So you’re not being treated for your arthritis!

    I think you need to make a complaint or maybe chat with tour g.p !

    surely they could have swapped your meds about before taking in off them !

    how did they diagnose your rheumatoid arthritis? X