Ankles! and support

Got arthritis in both ankles and (finally) got Xray of the right, to be told, just wear and tear, age blah blah blah. The right arch has dropped completely and walking is well, not walking, its dragging, limping, hobbling

I'm wondering whether an ankle support would help and where to find advice. I don't want to buy some stuff online and then find it makes it worse.

Sugggestions please!


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    I'd start with shoes. Make sure yours are strong and supportive. Lace-ups such as trainers are best. Don't wear slippers. A cheap neoprene ankle support can be useful for short periods but, as any support encourages weak muscles, only for short periods and also do daily foot exercises.

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  • The same with me, both feet and ankles arch dropped in both and basically walking on my ankles rather than my feet. I have a bump on both sides which I suspect it's a muscle herniation or overused muscle, I've been told it's nothing on the MRI of my foot, went to have an ultrasound done and I have been treated like I have wasted their time, the doctor did not even look at me to say bye. The pain is unbeareable daily

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    Apologies if anyone has already read this, but there might just be something to help:

    Best wishes