Reaching a GP for a discussion/review.

Does anyone else have to jump through hoops just to make contact with their GP? Certain times in the day, just to phone to ask to either speak to a GP or have a face to face appointment. Then it's days away for an appointment. In the meantime the debiltating pain increases.


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    Yes same here have to wait for a call from a GP . Which is often not possible due to location ( no phone signal) or working in a noisy environment

    The days of just phoning to make a face to face appointment seem long gone

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    Hello @paintpot and welocme - good to have you here.

    I know what you mean - seem to have to wait ages even just to speak to a doctor and seeing one in person... well managed once since Covid first struck us!

    Hope you get sorted with an appointment soon.

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    I just got given the runaround, was offered a GP in a different town to me even though my surgery is a two minute walk from my door!! My local surgeries have been bought up and merged and it has become an ordeal to see someone you know in your own surgery!

    I really do feel like this is wholly unacceptable. What is the world coming to?

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    @kenbo @NeilM

    Very difficult to see a GP you know, my surgery is full of part timers. If you want a particular doctor it's a 2-3 week wait. If you feel it's an emergency you have to phone early and be prepared to wait on the phone. Then you usually can get a triage at least. Sometimes you can't even get one of these, then you are advised to go to the local walk in.

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    Yep, this seems very familiar to me as well! Unfortunately!