I’m new.

iv received a vague diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis, I was put on a 6 weeek course of steroids which made a huge difference. Consultant recommending methotrexate but due to dr strikes not been able to discuss further.

Not a clue ow to proceed.


  • Ellen
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    Morning Shani

    I'm sure someone will be along to share their story soon.

    This vague diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis is often given in the early days when your team aren't sure which kind you have. Often because there is no positive Rheumatoid factor in blood tests.

    Over time or with further testing things may become clearer.

    Your consultant wants to try you on Methotrexate (MTX)

    Many of our members take this medication so you are definitely not alone.

    Unfortunately, unless your GP has been given instructions from the hospital, they can't prescribe it so it looks as though you might be in limbo for a while.

    I do hope you here something very soon.

    Best wishes


  • Mollbhan
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    Hello Shani, Like you I started off on a fairly big dose of steroids and gradually reduced them to 3mg daily, I also take MTX which takes some weeks to have any effect. Many people seem to have unpleasant side effects from taking MTX orally, others don't, I have never had any side effects at all. Difficult to say how effective it is though.