Left to my own devices?

Hello everyone!

Approximately two months ago I had my suspicions confirmed by my GP that I have Stage 2 osteoarthritis in both of my knees. The diagnosis was as a result of x-rays at my local hospital. I had been experiencing knee pain and arthritis related symptoms for roughly twelve months at this point.

My GP informed me via a simple text message. No follow up, no additional information, nothing.

Is this normal to have no follow up? Have others on this forum been diagnosed and then left to their own devices about what to do next?

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  • Ellen
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    Hello @NeilM

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    You have the right to ask for a GP consultation to discuss your options for treatment now that you have your diagnosis. It may be physiotherapy is an option or some people need pain relief medication.

    Unfortunately it is often the way these days that people get their results via a text.

    You might find reading this information useful to arm yourself with before speaking to your Dr.

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  • NeilM
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    Hi Ellen, thank you for your reply. I will read the contents of the page you sent.

    I guess the main question I would like answered is do I definitely have arthritis? I am 52 and have managed to keep reasonably fit and healthy my whole life. I eat a good diet, don’t smoke etc. The lady who performed my x-rays informed me that I had excellent bone density for someone of my age. In fact, she went so far as to tell me that she doubted whether I actually had arthritis, irrespective of my symptoms.

    Is it feasible that my GP might listen to my concerns and send me to see a specialist? Or is the NHS too stretched these days and so therefore unlikely?

  • The xray would have been interpreted by a radiologist not the radiographer who took it. She shouldn't have made that comments to you, especially when bone density is not the same thing and age has nothing to do with arthritis.

    Of course you can ask for a gp appointment to go over your options.

    A simple phone call to discuss this would have been fine, I can't believe you were sent a txt that ridiculous.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply. I figured the text was a bit stingy too. Others have said that I should not have been advised by the radiographer but she was extremely chatty and friendly, been doing the job for over thirty years, so I thought I’d ask - if you don’t ask you don’t get! I wouldn’t say that what she said has influenced my opinion of my diagnosis, merely added to my suspicions that it could be something other than, or maybe as well as, osteoarthritis.

    I just got off the phone with my GP surgery so hopefully at some point before the end of time I might be able to see a specialist and get a better understanding of my situation.