Pain in lower leg related to arthritis?


I was diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis a few months ago after quite a bad flare up. I’ve now developed severe pain down the front left hand side of mylower leg. It’s not red or hot. Could it be related to the arthritis?


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    Hi @Trish22 and welcome to the online community,

    I checked the Versus Arthritis website and I’ve posted a link to a page that you might find useful ( below). It talks about the sort of pain you could experience with osteoarthritis of the knee and it does mention that sometimes pain can be felt down the sides of the knee. If it’s really troubling you, then it’s always worth trying to have a chat with your GP, consultant or Rheumatology nurse to see what they suggest.

    There are also some suggestions about how you can manage the pain that might be helpful.

    Do let us know how you’re getting on,

    Anna ( Moderator)

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  • Trish22
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    Thanks Anna!

  • Trish22
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    I was wondering if this pain in my lower leg could be neuropathy, and related to my knee arthritis. Has anyone has experienced this?

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    Hello @Trish22,

    The answer to both your questions is "yes".

    Firstly, "referred pain" is felt in other parts of one's body due to changes in gait and posture which Arthritis sufferers make to relieve pain in affected joints. Secondly, it can be associated tendons and tissues which come under strain as they pick up the slack for the weakened joint. This is why physio and exercise is recommended so as to build these areas up and help them cope more ably and provide stability.

    As for neuropathy, in my own case I've a "dead patch" below my left knee which appeared out of nowhere last Summer. I spoke with my GP who said it was very likely either to be nerve damage or pinched nerves caused by the changes to my knees as the cartilage dissipated and/or the muscles I've been steadily developing around them.

    Hope this helps


  • Trish22
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    Really helpful, thanks, and clearly described, so now what has happened in past couple of weeks begins to make sense (sudden onset of pain and a “dead patch” “out of nowhere”). Thanks again!