Arthritic knee flare up

Hi all, has anyone experienced the above? On Friday I was making my way back from our village, only about one third of a mile. I’d noticed an ache all round my knee for a couple of days. Trying to carry my 18 month old grandson upstairs for a sleep was very uncomfortable the day before. I got my husband to carry him down. When I arrived home I was in such pain I somehow got myself upstairs, with help, and tried all the usuals hot lavender packs and ibuprofen.

Saturday morning was no better and with a lot of difficulty (and help) I ended up in A&E. When I managed to stumble in with a walking stick the doctor told me it was a flare up in the knee which was arthritic which I’d never noticed before. I’m now on Naproxen anti inflammatory tablets for a fortnight and a walking holiday in Scotland has now been abandoned. Apparently it’s regular walking that’s triggered it off.

I must say that after 4 days it’s beginning to feel a lot more back to normal but I’m very anxious about what to expect next. Any advice would be very helpful thanks,



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    Hello @Ribble

    I don't know if this will be of help, but have a look anyway

    Hope you get it sorted


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    ive had a knee flare up, the most agonising pain, i could not walk hardly for over 2 months. I used a hot water bottle on my knee which helped massively. Also ibrufen gel on knee. I had naproxen & ibuprofen but i cant tolerate naproxen well on my stomach. I found it difficult coping with a flare up i really struggled to get upstairs i had to go up on ky bum then come downstairs backwards, i resorted to sleeping on the sofa. I do light yoga at home from you tube videos & im trying to lose weight. I think maintaining a healthy weight & light excercise/stretching/yoga are worth bearing in mind to help minimise flare ups. 😊

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    Hi there, thank you so much for your comments and I’m so sorry to hear about the pain you’ve had to endure. I was feeling very sorry for myself after it happened but I think my recovery is going quite well. I had stomach protection tablets with the Naproxen and so far, so good. Doing yoga of some sort sounds good advice, so thanks for that. I do hope you are feeling a bit more relieved from pain now. I’m trying some of the knee exercises posted on this site as well as gentle peddling on my Turbo at home.