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Hi I'm new here,I'm sue,53,I've had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 27years old,I' need 2 new hips but been told to stop smoking and loose weight,I've stopped smoking it's now 7weeks ,I'm trying to loose weight,doing both is very hard,I've been told my bmi has to be under 43 before I can go onto the waiting list which is a year long to start with,I feel really abandoned to be honest,I live in Chesterfield,a friend off mine has had 1 hip done and the other in March and he's heavier than me,but his hospital at Sheffield has done the operation, I no our health problems are probably different but it's very disheartening, I've joined gym through healthy living waiting for them to get in touch,I'm trying my upmost to do the tasks set to me,but it's really upsetting me I'm crying most days ,can anybody help or advise me thankyou x


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    Hi @Suezy2108

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum.

    You suffer with RA and are struggling to get on the waiting list for two hips replacements having been told you first need to lose weight and give up smoking, the latter you have managed to do. The situation is causing you some distress and you like to hear from any forum members who may be able to advise you.

    There will undoubtedly be forum members who have been through similar scenarios, so I hope you receive some supportive and encouraging feedback.

    This link to our website is not really relevant until you have your operation, but I include it as it could be useful both pre and post op.

    I hope that joining the gym helps with the weight loss and that you are able to join the hip replacement list very soon.

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator)

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