I’m new here

Hi all,

I am new to the site thought I would give it a go as I have found the doctors and hospitals don’t really seem to tell you much or give any real information on how to go about your day to day life, so hopefully get some answers from people who also suffer from RA and get so much needed advice, thank you all in advance for any information

cheers Alan


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    Hi Alan, @Alansrac Plenty fellow RA sufferers to share info with on this site, I have had RA for about 5yrs, others for much longer than me. When I was first diagnosed I was pretty helpless physically but things settled down after a few weeks and I have not let it have too much impact on my life. I definitely do everything at a slower pace nowadays but there is little I have had to give up because of RA. I was started on a fairly high dose of medication but gradually reduced it as much as I thought I could. You will probably have good days and bad days just don't let it get you down.