Big Toe Osteoarthritis

Hi I'm new to the site and looking forward to speaking to fellow members. I've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my big toes and am really struggling to find shoes to walk in !!! It's so uncomfortable to walk as I feel like my toes need to snap all the time. I'm over weight so that doesn't help. Can anyone recommend footwear please to help me walk further ??? I'm finding my hips and knees are hurting also lately. Thank you so much


  • swimmer60
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    It's Sketchers for me, I find them very comfortable and they do trainers as well. New Balance are good too for trainers. You need to try on loads of pairs which must be horrid when you are in pain.

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    Hello @BellaB and welcome to the online community.

    Sorry to hear you are having problems with feet, has your doctor referred you to Podiatrist ?? I was referred and they provide me with insoles in my shoes which has made a big difference for me.

    Maybe worth trying to get an appointment for yourself and get professional advice.

    The following link may be of help.......

    Take care and keep posting.

    Best wishes @Naomi33

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  • I got some Ecco trainers for Christmas which are really comfortable and even better than my old trainers were. They are also waterproof so no worries if you get caught in the rain.

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    Ive heard too that Sketchers are good. You can buy online through Amazon & other onlibe retailers. The last time i had a flare up in my big toe i ended up in A &E didnt know a big toe could get that painful. Hop this helps x