Is PsA usually only 1 side?


Again I'm new to all this and have a GP appointment next week to discuss the potential cause.

But i was wondering if PsA is usually on one side only? I have tightness, slight swelling and mild pain in my left elbow, left knee and left Achilles but I don't seem to feel this on my right joints?



  • Mistyblue
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    Not sure what PSA means sorry

  • I don’t think it has any pattern to be honest ! I had pains in both hands and both feet then left elbow right shoulder !

    (currently in remission)

  • jamieA
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    Hi @Ricaldo88

    From what I've read one of the symptoms of PsA is that it's not necessarily symmetrical. With me initially it was my right hip, right ankle, left knee, both shoulders and hands that were swollen. Since there is no specific test to prove PsA the lack of symmetry was one of the pointers in my diagnosis according to the rheumatologist - along with family history of psoriasis, high CRP and ESR levels but normal RF levels.