Peoples experience of steroid injections

Hi, I’m a new male member of 80 years old who has suffered from arthritis for over 20 years. Had two hip replacements and now got dodgy right knee. Steeling myself to thought of a new knee but the consultant said X-rays showed that there wasn’t a big deterioration over 14 months and gave me a steroid injection.

This has been great and relieved pain and enabled me to take daily walks of 2 miles or so each day. Heard some people say they last for up to a year , others say a few months. Is it possible that the knee can stay ok because of strengthening muscles by walking and exercise? Here’s hoping. Would be really interested in hearing any information about this. Thanks.


  • IanS
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    I get them in my wrist, effective for about 9/10months and then tail off. The drop off is very slow so hard to say exactly how long they last, also depends if I over extend the joint.

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