Newbie here - looking for knee OA injections info

Hello all,

Newbie here. I am 62, London based, and have patellafemoral osteoarthritis in both knees. Before considering partial/full knee replacements, I am trying to find out more about nStride and Arthrosamid knee injections and whether they are worth it.

I have already had Hyaluronic Acid (Durolane) injections in 2020 to no effect. I went to the RJAH in Oswestry in 2022 to see about Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation but was told no because I was too old and now had the start of OA.

I am leaning towards Arthrosamid. Any relevant personal experience/info is most welcome.



  • Hi Grubber, Thought I’d be having a new knee after recent increased pain because of OA in right knee. However consultant examined X-rays of 14 months ago and recent xray and said there hadn’t been much deterioration so gave me steroid injection. Didn’t go into details but has made a big positive change for the better.

    Previously used to get pain for last year or so when I stood up after sitting down for any length of time. That pain has disappeared. Don’t know how long injections last but results seem to vary according to different people.

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    TroutFisher - thanks for kindly posting about your steroid injection, I hope things go well for you.

    In addition to the bilateral Hyaluronic Acid injections, I have also tried over separate periods of months:

    Glucosamine and Chondroitin tablets

    Omega 3 with Collagen tablets

    Turmeric tablets

    Sadly none of them appeared to have any beneficial effect for me.

    A South African mate of mine takes a liquid collagen supplement. He says he does feel a difference if he doesn't take it for a few days. It is not available in the UK. I'm still unsure about it myself.

    I am primarily interested in any info from anyone who has had (or is going to have) nStride or Arthrosamid injections. I can see that some people here have posted about them already and I will be keeping an eye out for more posts/info.

    I look forward to seeing all replies/separate posts - they will be very useful for those of us who are deciding what to do next.

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    Ellen - thank you for kindly pointing out that thread, yes I had seen it and am watching it with great interest.

    I have always valgus (knock knees) and flat feet.

    2011 - I noticed some stiffness/minor pains in my knees, and was prescribed physiotherapy.

    2012 - I went to see a private consultant, who performed bilateral knee arthroscopies. I now think that he may have been overzealous in removing damaged cartilage.

    2015 - I was told by a different NHS consultant that I may need patellafemoral debriding. Unfortunately around the same time I was diagnosed with cancer, which had to take a greater priority over the next couple of years.

    2020 - I went to see a third private consultant, who suggested partial bilateral osteotomies. Then Covid came along.

    2021 - I saw a BBC tv programme about NHS ACI at RJAH. After a lot of phone calls/emails/letters and then visits/scans/consultations, I was eventually turned down as an ACI candidate.

    Thus I am now investigating various non-surgical knee joint procedures, to try and delay the seemingly inevitable partial/full KRs.