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I got diagnosed last month with oa, I am 44. The pain comes for around a week and then nothing for couple of months or so. I have noticed a pattern though, I get a few twinges and slight pain in my right hip and by the following day (or two days) it’s full blown pain which I have to manage with paracetamol (plus I can’t even put my socks on) and will gradually disappear as the week goes on, by day 8 there’s no pain at all. Does anyone else have this? Once the twinges start is there a way to keep the more severe pain at bay or is this just what is in store for me with having arthritis?


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    Hi @cathtaylor,

    It sounds like you’re having regular flare ups of your arthritis, and it might be worthwhile noting if you did anything different usual - exercised more or differently, ate anything different or something that you eat infrequently, or went through a period of stress before each flare. Any of those could trigger it, although sometimes it can be none of those things! Here’s some information on osteoarthritis that you might find helpful - it also gives some suggestions for how to manage the pain:

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    Hi @cathtaylor - as said above just note what activity causes the issue. I was a gardener and kneeling (a large part of my work) caused the issue that resulted in me paying for private physio and eventually the OA Hips diagnosis. I now do desk work and kneeling even a short amount is still an issue - however as soon as I stopped gardening full-time I had instant pain reduction.

    Now, sitting too long in front of PC is an issue - so I have a sit-stand desk. When I do my own garden - I just reduce the amount I do in one day. The Versus Arthritis YouTube is very good for exercises, including ones with the resistance band - but check with your NHS Physio (if you get referred) as some exercises may be unsuitable for you: I have an impingement and the NHS Physio crossed a few hip-exercises out for me. Good luck !