“ You’ve got awful arthritis “

Hi Went to the hospital fracture clinic this afternoon for a follow up session to a recent fall. The consultant listened sympathetically to my account of the fall and looked carefully at the xray taken previously. He said I’m going to tell you what’s happening. You’ve got awful arthritis and the joint here has nearly disappeared. He then went on to discuss referral to one of the surgeons who specialised in hands.

I welcomed the straightforward approach of telling it as it was because it was all done in a supportive and sympathetic manner. I’d only recently had a steroid injection in my knee so OA seems to pop up everywhere! At least I can do a bit of walking for exercise each day.

I eat a healthy diet, don’t smoke and am not overweight. I do take a spoonful of cod liver oil each day and wonder if there’s anything else such as turmeric etc which I could take and which could help. If possible as an 80 year old want to avoid knee / hand surgery if possible but will take them on if necessary.


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    Research into what helps seems inconclusive to me, but turmeric and botswella get mentioned a lot. I also take collagen. I don't think they'll harm and who knows they may be helping! Also lots of talk that fermented foods help reduce inflammation and I now add Kimchi to salads. And put live yoghurt on fruit.

    A good diet which includes loads of green veg and oily fish is probably much more beneficial though.

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