Inflammatory arthritis and dentistry

Hello, my rheumatologist has put me on biological treatment with fortnightly injection of Adalimumab as Ive been diagnosed with seronegative inflammatory arthritis. I’m seeing my dentist tomorrow and worried about any dental intervention. I read this can interact with the medication.

Any advice on how to proceed please? Thx


  • Hi@Staccato1608

    The dentist will need to know that your rheumatology drug changed to this one. I imagine you may have been on other disease modifying drugs (DMARDS) previously and the dentist would have needed to know about those also. If the dentist is planning some in-depth treatment and wants to check any issues they can contact the rheumatology team (or they may ask to do so before proceeding).

    Adalimumab | Side-effects, uses, time to work (

    If you'd like some medical advice in relation to this, speak to the Rheumatology Nurse Helpline at your hospital.

    I hope that's helpful

    Guy - Helpline Team

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    Many thanks.