I have caught ringworm for the third time in nearly 2 years from my cat which passed away just over a year ago. I have psoriatic arthritis which mostly affects my knees and is fairly well controlled with a small amount of methotrexate. I have had this condition for 21 years, when I first had it I couldn't walk at all as I am sure many people on here can relate to. The first time I got ringworm I went through the pharmacist and she gave me some cream that I can't remember the name of. Several months later I went through the Gp who prescribed Lamisil, he said this was the only thing he could prescribe due to being on methotrexate and I also take a small amount of citalopram for menopause related issues. I have started to put Lamisil on it again to see if it helps as it did clear up the previous 2 times and didn't come back for several months. I am anxious about going to see the Gp again as I don't want them to stop the methotrexate as I fear I wouldn't be able to walk. I have never had to come off methotrexate in 21 years and I certainly don't want this to happen now as I currently live with my disabled mother. I know we are not allowed to give medical advice on here but I wonder if anyone has been through anything similar and could make any suggestions.


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    Hi @Lindywindy

    I haven’t been through anything similar with methotrexate but I do know that ringworm can return and needs to be treated each time, sometimes with the same medication, sometimes with another. Perhaps you could talk to your local pharmacist to see if they recommend any other treatments that you can take while still on Methotrexate that you could talk to your GP about? It might be that you just need a fresh prescription for Lamisil ( medications can lose their potency after a time), or you might need something stronger.

    I do know that it’s important that you complete the treatment fully, even if you think the ringworm has gone away, otherwise it will return.

    Best wishes,

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  • Thanks for your reply, I have just bought some Lamisil in spray form this time which I will use and see how it goes, I am also going to take a probiotic every day to see if it helps to boost my immunity. I may speak to the pharmacist or Gp again if things don’t improve but I got the impression from the Gp last time that they were limited to what medications that could be prescribed due Methotrexate and the other medication I am taking. Hopefully the Lamisil will clear it up again.

  • Darktarin gets rid of ringworm. Ask the pharmacy if you can take it with mtx