Aching neck!

Here I go again! Another aching part of the body! Necks. I was told about seven years ago that mine was very arthritic. Do many people suffer from pain in this area? I’m not sure whether everyone over a certain age has this problem and it’s described as degenerative wear and tear. It’s not a constant bother but when it is it’s really uncomfortable.

I’m wondering how much cartilage wears away between the joints. The head is quite a heavy body part and apparently nothing can be done to relieve it, i.e. false parts so we just have to put up with it. I do rub comfrey (knitbone) oil into my neck which I’m hoping does some good. Has anyone got any other suggestions on what to use, or do.



    DODGYKNEES Member Posts: 90

    Hi @Ribble I also have degenerative disk disease in neck. I sometimes use a hot water bottle when I'm in pain, discomfort with it. I also sometimes use a neck pillow. Hope this helps