RA. And breathlessness


has anybody any advice/experience with symptoms of breathlessness I am experiencing this and finding so debilitating it comes on every time I exert myself walking getting a shower etc really struggling with it is it connected to RA I’ve had X-ray spirometery ecg all come back normal

could it be connected to RA

thanks Ruth


  • stickywicket
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    R.A. can affect our lungs. So can the meds we need to take for it. Contact your rheumatology helpline. Maybe a change of DMARD would help.

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  • Gadgetgirl
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    Hi there. Sorry to hear this. I did read somewhere, can't remember if on this site or on the Versus Arthritis on Facebook about lung nodules that are caused from RA. A woman who's husband started like you and was ignored. They did eventually get the diagnosis. If I can find the thread or article I will try and come back and add a link. But look up Lung Nodules RA.

  • ruth1980
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    Thank you that’s really helpfull I am under rheumatology and they are aware of my situation have just started reducing steroids but didn’t say why had a blood test which show inflammatory markers were up I’m on methatrixate and going to start on toolzumab a bio therapy

    your comments is really interesting to me and I will certainly take it further

    thank you so much