Do these patches work?

I've been hearing and reading a lot about herbal knee patches lately and I wondered if anyone else in the community had tried them, and if so, what did they think of them as a valid treatment for pain relief? As you can probably tell, I'm getting depsperate now as my pain is becoming increasingly severe.



  • Naomi33
    Naomi33 Moderator Posts: 194

    Hello @poetryman57 and welcome to the online community.

    I am sorry I do not personally know about herbal knee patches but like you I will try anything if it helps.

    The following link maybe of interest....

    Take care and keep posting.

    Best wishes @Naomi33

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  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,204

    I have used heated knee patches in the past. They certainly didn't cure anything but are comforting.

    Hadn't heard about herbal ones until you mentioned them.

    My take on anything 'new' or alternative is; if it does no harm (not interfering with my meds) and I can afford to try it I'll give it a go.

    If you do decide to try those patches do let us know how you get on.