Hi , I’m about to start methotrexate meds . The side effects etc sounds awful, does anyone have experience how this effects you short and long term please? Is it worth it ?

many thanks


  • Hi, I am on methotrexate and in the first place it really did it's job, so well that all pain subsided and I had mobility in all my bad joints again. I was given it alongside Sulfasalazine, Folic Acid and a short course of steroids. I initially had slight headaches and a bit of brain fog but this passed and I have no side effects now. Sadly I had to stop taking it because there was a mess up with a repeat prescription - I couldn't get it! It took 5 weeks to get a new prescription and all my pain returned. I have never got back to quite where I was but it was all good again until I needed a course of antibiotics. You can't take methotrexate with antibiotics so here I am again; swollen and painful hands, feet, knees and elbows. I can start again on Monday. Good luck, I hope it works for you as well.

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    I have been on MTX for about 4yrs now, only way to find out how effective they are would be to stop taking them and I aint going to do that, don't worry about side effects till you are taking them, I have never had any side effects from them at all.