Where to make introductory post?


I don't know if it's just me being a dunce (wouldn't be unusual) but I can't find a place to make a first post? I did look at the guide for newbs and it contained a link for Say Hello, but the link didn't work. I'm on an iPad, if that makes a difference.

Very much enjoying reading the posts of others, especially the hip replacement diary thread, which is very encouraging and calmed my mounting panic from reading the Hobbling thread! Lots of great info on here, just reading it will keep me busy enough without posting. But as I'm typing anyway...

I'm female, 60 yrs old, various pains from neck, left knee and sacro-illiac for many years but just the last 12 days I've had the sudden onset of pain from left hip and am now limping around feeling very sorry for myself.

Only the SI pain has been diagnosed as OA but a doctor's appt. will be made on Monday if I'm still in pain then. Thanks for reading, if anybody did :)